Archie Rose Single Malt Whisky





Apera and ex-bourbon cask

The whisky employs not one but six malts, each with a unique profile and character. These include Australian Pale Malt, Peated Malt, Amber Malt, Caramel Malt, Aromatic Roasted Malt and Local NSW Chocolate Malt. The six-malt mash bill provides a richer and more expressive flavour. The whisky is matured predominantly in 100, 200 and 300-litre Australian apera (sherry) casks, complemented by a selection of x-bourbon barrels and Archie Rose’s own 36-month air dried ex-rye casks, each coopered with a specific balance of both char and toast. “Toasting casks is well understood in the wine world but less thoroughly explored in distilling. The lower heat and longer duration toasting process penetrates further into the oak of the cask and offers an entirely different level of complexity than casks that only feature a more traditional char” says Withers.

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