Wolfburn – Silent Night Single Malt Scotch Whisky 2020 Christmas Bottling


The limited edition 2020 Christmas bottling from Northland, which unfortunately arrived in Australia after Christmas.

A consequence of a year of interrupted delivery schedules, this is a themed variation of their core ‘Northland’ expression.

Three-to-five year old whisky is matured in quarter casks previously used by the Laphroaig distillery.

600 bottles in the run, this is part of the ‘From The Stills’ series that is usually only available through the distillery cellar door.

“Initially it’s sweet with notes of fruit and fresh sea air. In the background you’ll find citrus freshness, hints of cereal and just a trace of peat smoke. On the palate, sweet and nutty tones come to the fore, with hints of grape and honey in the background. Floral flavours abound, enhanced with just a hint of dried fruit and spice. As the soft sweet tones fade gradually away, a trace of gentle peat smoke lingers at the end. Glories stream from heaven, indeed. A great dram.”

Wolfburn is located in Thurso and was originally founded in 1821. Details are scarce but its production is believed to have been intermittent at best and likely non-existent during the period from 1850s-1870s.