Upshot PX Sherry Cask Australian Whiskey – Limited


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700ml  43% ABV

Noted from Whipper Snapper!

Look; Dark amber, slight sherry red.
Nose; Raisins, raspberries, cranberries, black pepper.
Taste; Sweet syrup, sultanas, dark fruits, chocolate, and hints of vanilla.
Finish; Creamy, rich dark honey, cherries.

If you’ve ever visited our humble distillery, you will have no doubt noticed the candy shop of rare barrels filled with future releases, that are gracefully maturing in all their beauty in front of your eyes. Well, this one comes highly anticipated. Upshot Whiskey, PX – Sherry Cask.

These unique barrels have been sourced from local family-operated, MyattsField winery, conveniently located in a Perth Hills region which is globally renowned for producing world-class fortified wines. These particular barrels have previously been used to age Pedro Ximenez and Muscat. Both are sweet styles of Sherry, the famous fortified wine hailing from Spain, hence the ‘E’ passport stamp on the label for España.

Some traditional single malt whiskies are ‘finished’ in sherry casks to add further flavour and depth, for around one year. This is done towards the end of maturation. Jimmy not being too fond of traditions went the whole hog, aging our renowned Upshot new make spirit for the entirety in these special barrels. For this release, it ended up being four and a half years.

The result is a bold, delicious blend of sweet syrup, raisins, dark fruits, chocolate, and hints of vanilla notes. Infused in a creamy texture. And as always, perfect for enjoying across seasons and in good company

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