Glenmorangie Allta Private Edition Number 10. Discontinued


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Glenmorangie has unveiled the tenth release in its Private Edition series.
Allta (which translates as “wild”) is a whisky fermented using yeasts from Glenmorangie’s signature Cadboll barley (best known for its use in Signet). It’s a first for Glenmorangie and unusual for Scotch single malt generally.

While fermenting with different yeasts for added flavour is common in the wine industry, for the Scots, the pursuit of consistency and yield has driven them to use a near-universal strain – Saccharomyces cerevisiae – super efficient in creating alcohol but contributing near neutral flavour. Instead, whisky makers have focused on other aspects of their craft to influence taste, especially maturation. Part of the problem is viability – not all yeasts are suitable for use in distilling. The flavours they can offer also tend to be strain dependent, and that’s the key-concept behind Glenmorangie’s Allta.