Black Tot Finest Caribbean Rum – Limited


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ABV: 46.2%
Black Tot returns! Named for ‘Black Tot Day’ (July 31st 1970), the date the Royal Navy discontinued daily rum rations, followers of the brand will recall the ‘Last Consignment’. Retailing for around 1.5K and prized by collectors and sailors, it was created with stocks of authentic British Royal Navy rum, relics of which had been stored in stone flagons at various Army and Navy bases around the UK following the abolition of the tot. 

This is the third in the Black Tot series to be released by Elixir Distillers. It’s reported the team tasted twenty six different blends over two years before deciding on this particular expression. The final composition is made up of 20% Guyana unaged pot and column still rums, 35% Barbados 5 year old pot and column still rums and a 5% Jamaican pot still rum contribution, aged for three years