Meet The Team

Have you met Austin?

If you’ve been to either Malt Traders CBD or South Bank, then you’ve likely meet Austin. He’s the erudite, good-looking one that’s just as happy talking about whisky (and whiskEy) as he is talking about wine. Born and raised in Brisbane, Austin has nonetheless managed to see a bit of the world, doing a stint on exchange with university to ESSEC in Paris. It was there that he discovered a love of great wine, working in a bar in the French capital before spending a long while backpacking through Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia.

He ended up back in Brisbane, working as an accountant before seeing the light and landing a part time job at Traders South Bank all while completing his Masters. And now he’s full time at Traders CBD, making great wine recommendations, helping you with whisky selections and generally making sure all of your bottle shop needs are met!

Meet Joe

Originally from London, England, Joe Bowles has been the “whisky man” of Malt for the past couple of years, having focused on whisky culture while attaining his degree in History from the University London. He did all of this whilst managing several well-known gasto pubs in the city.

Joe focuses on sourcing and advising on all things single malt and beyond, much aided by his growing whisky blog Malt Mondays. You can see him speaking from time to time at various venues across Brisbane as a key member of the growing Dram loving community here in Brisbane.

It’s not all whisky of course. Joe’s love for the old school wine makers is splattered all over the beautiful new Southbank venue, with a growing range of bio-dynamic and organic drops matched with some of the world’s most kooky and obscure beers. Pop into the venue south of the river to chat all things indulgent.

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